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Nutmeg (ナツメグ Natsumegu) is one of the main characters in the Isle of Dogs movie.


At first Nutmeg was curious, when Chief was alone then she helps him with her helpful ways without Mayor Kobayashi if she could adopt him.


Nutmeg was a showdog when she approached from Trash Island from Megasaki City. There were rumors she mated with a dog named Felix, but they were confirmed to not be true as Nutmeg did not to have puppies in the world she was currently living in. She falls in love with Chief.


Nutmeg: "Will you help him, the little pilot?"
Chief: "Why should I?"
Nutmeg: "Because he's a twelve-year-old boy, dogs love those."

- Nutmeg talking to Chief about Atari.



Nutmeg was owned by Tracy Walker.

According to Chief, she always keeps her fur clean, even though every single dog is in Trash Island.